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Underwater welding can be achieved in two ways:

Issuing time:2020-10-11 20:23

Underwater welding can be achieved in two ways:

Wet Welding

In wet welding, the diver has to perform directly in the water. This involves the use of specially designed welding rod, and similar processes are commonly used in welding.

The benefits of wet welding are:

  • Economical and speedy process

  • Easy to access weld space

  • No construction needed

  • No special chamber needed

Dry/Hyperbaric Welding

Another method of underwater welding is hyperbaric welding or dry welding. Hyperbaric welding is the process by which a chamber is sealed around the structure to be welded. It is then filled with gas (usually a mixture of helium and oxygen) or forces water outside the hyperbaric sphere. This allows the dry environment in which the weld to be performed.

The benefits dry welding are:

  • Safer for welder/diver

  • Achieve high-quality welding

  • Surface monitoring

  • NDT (Non-destructive testing) and other tests are possible

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