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Cangzhou, Hebei Province: "Journey to the West" by Electric Welding

Issuing time:2020-03-04 00:00

Recently, a middle-aged farmer uncle in Cangzhou, Hebei Province, relied on his own welding skills, which opened many people's eyes. He used an iron plate to draw the four main characters in the journey to the west, and then used his own welding technology to weld the characters on the iron plate little by little. This kind of painting art, which makes many people feel that it is not matched with electric welding, is lifelike in the hands of the farmer's uncle, which makes many netizens sigh: experts are in the folk!

This is a piece of iron plate prepared in advance by uncle, and then polished and leveled, and then carefully painted on each iron plate with chalk the characters he is going to weld. Every pen is very serious, and then use the welding gun to draw a good pattern of chalk and weld it out point by point. I believe that this level of painting, in the hands of many professional painters is sniffy, think that such painting is at most the level of junior enthusiasts. However, if the professional painters are allowed to pick up the welding gun and paint on the iron plate, I'm afraid they have to worship the farmer uncle as their teacher.

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