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Global Welding Equipment Market 2020

Issuing time:2020-03-04 00:00

Welding is basically a process of assembling or manufacturing employedto join materials such as thermoplastics and metals. These materials are joinedtogether by synthesis of the interconnecting materials. Number of industrialproducts are made by using the welding process. Therefore, the use of new toolsin numerous industries are demanding new and inventive welding technologies.Hence, many industrial manufacturers are focusing on the improvement of newwelding machines and tools to accomplish the growing demand.

The Global welding equipment market is projected to witness beneficialgrowth in coming years, owing to rising demand for various applicationcomprising shipbuilding, offshore exploration, oil and gas, automotive,construction, energy, and aerospace. Likewise, the change of trend from manualto automated machine is expected to grow demand of the market.

By technology, the welding equipment market can be categorized intoresistance welding, arc welding, laser beam welding, oxy-fuel welding, andothers. Among these, the arc welding segment conquered the market for weldingequipment in previous years and is anticipated to raise maximum grip in comingyears. Arc welding is one of the most favored technology in the production ofoffshore structures, pipelines, and other practice equipment. Innovative arcwelding technologies are also being announced to increase efficiency andproductivity. The growing trend of decrease in the weight of car bodies isincreasing the demand for innovative arc welding technologies.

Increasing substructure projects comprising wind turbine connections isa major factor driving the welding equipment market growth. Asia has convertedinto a manufacturing hub with developing economies, such as China and India,driving huge demand of the growth. The European manufacturing industry isexpected to lead the trade thoroughly followed by the Asia Pacific and U.S.,which is credited to growing demand from European transportation, electronics,construction, and heavy machinery industries.

By application, the welding equipment market categorized into building& construction, automotive & transportation, marine, oil & gas,metalworking, aerospace & defense, and others. Development of automotive& transportation segment is expected to drive the rising demand for weldingequipment market over forecast years. The global welding equipment market isestimated to value higher than before in coming years, as automotive is a majorelement of the market. Numerous materials such as glass, steel, copper, rubber,plastic, and aluminum are used in various parts of a vehicle.

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