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Correct holding method of electric welding tongs

Issuing time:2020-03-04 00:00

The function of the electrode holder is to hold the electrode and conduct the current, which is the main tool of the electrode arc welding. It is directly related to the safety of the welder's operation, so it must meet the following safety requirements:

1. The electrode holder shall be able to clamp the electrode at any angle set, and ensure the safety and convenience of replacing the electrode.

2. The handle of electric welding tongs shall have good insulation and heat insulation performance. It is forbidden to use electric welding tongs with damaged insulation or without insulation.

3. The connection between welding clamp and welding cable shall be simple, reliable and in good contact.

4. Welding tongs shall be light (not more than 0.6kg) and easy to operate.

5. During the welding process, it is forbidden to put the overheated electric welding tongs into water for cooling and continuous use.

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